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July 19, 2016

foods good before age of 50 years

Now, every people indeed should diligently eating healthy foods good before age of 50 years But if you want to get eating patterns better increasingly  because the disease is also easily come to attack. Following this, any IMHEALTY share a wide range of foods that should be consumed before 50 years.

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1. wheat, whole food  the first mandatory consumed when age reach 50 years of age. Its function is to get easy a digestion because of very high content of fiber. So that the wheat can be consumed every day, so make this food as a good substitute for rice. Because besides the fiber, oats also contain a variety of other nutrients not found in rice

 2. Nut -another super beans, if you are aged 50 years and over is nuts, including like red beans and black beans, and other types of nuts. Nuts contain fiber, protein, and the potassium and started working against sodium-usually trigger the guardian of blood pressure. Due to the high content of protein, beans can be said as a substitute food for vegetarians.

3. Food healthy another is rich in potassium is potatoes. i'm recommend the potato is enjoyed with that nutritious vegetables. Another step for The healthiest way of eating vegetables white this is by way of a steamed, grilled, or mashed. When you want processing potatoes,better not throw away the Peel dan don't ever forget to clean potatoes and skin potatoes well so that no sand still left on the skin.

4. fish with increase your intake of omega-3 fatty acids, body condition in 50 years will become increasingly immune to the disease. In addition to that, the omega-3 fatty acids are also potent package against a decrease in cognitive brain and Alzheimer's disease. Then what is the source of the omega-3 fatty acids are the best that could be consumed for human? The answer most right is salmon. We recommend that you understand food partner boga CV than getting those nutrients from supplements.

5.  Affairs of the fruit, avocado is food that must be consumed if  has reach 50 years of age. Because avocado contains good fats that nourish the heart. A avocado  can be enjoyed in a variety of processed foods. For example, eaten straight and processed into juice and salad mix, and  brand of bread in lieu of from banana

.6.and you know  the other fruits are also very delicious and healthy is blueberries. In it are rich in antioxidants that keep your immune, especially that for  age  further . Besides blueberry, purple fruit can be consumed is another plum and programs. Even so, the more colorful the fruit-landmark are eaten, the better its impacts for health. So do not hesitate to try a whole range of other fruit.

7. Appel same like potatoes, apples, pears, peaches and have high nutritional content in her skin. So when eating the fruits of that landmark, don't throw away the skin and immediately understand part of the form CV partners boga. The fruit is best enjoyed in the form of a CV partners boga. Because of the higher content of his nutritional and still complete. But if all of you want to turn it into a juice, do not peel the skin. Causes of discarding the skin of the Apple is same with dispose of his nutritional vit-c

8. good news for people   love coffee, for similar drinks is also recommended in order to remain consumed in  50 years and over. But don't forget to restrict
consumption by as much as one cup every day. Liquid coffee drinks that are rich in antioxidants. Nevertheless, it is important for some people to consult first with doctor if want to keep enjoying coffee
  9.  people consider eating healthy like try remove sweet food consumption. But it's not on the menu. Sugary foods can still be consumed, as long as but the amount is restricted. One way to enjoy sweet foods are to eat pastries.So  You can make yourself from ingredients that are safe and healthy. Sweetener can also function of the sugar into the honey more nutritious. 

10. white water is an important component in a healthy diet for all for being over age of 50 years. The function of the drinking water is very diverse. Starting from expelling shrubs from the body of funds circulate nutrients to all the cells. White water is the best choice.  But if you has bored with this taste, try adding slices of lemon or watermelon and strawberries, or  fruit-refreshing other., try adding slices of lemon or watermelon and strawberries, or  fruit-refreshing other.

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